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Cotton Army Duck Canvas

At White Duck Outdoors, we have selected 10.10 oz, 100% Cotton Army Duck Canvas for all our Canvas Camping Tents and Accessories range which includes Canvas Wall Tents, Canvas Bell Tents, Canvas Family Explorer tents, Canvas Explorer Swag Bags, Cotton Canvas Camping Bags/Backpacks, Camp Fleece Blankets, Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins & Drop Cloths. Cotton Army Duck Canvas is essentially manufactured from; double fill or two ply cotton yarn twisted together for higher yarn strength, combined with a high density thread count per square inch for weaving premium cotton canvas that is robust and creates a tightly woven cotton canvas fabric surface that is ideal to add Water + Mildew & Flame Retardant Chemical which is impregnated on to the surface of the cotton canvas fabric and the chemical concentrate sits between the cotton pores of the canvas fabric. The cotton pores swell in humid and rain weather closing the gap and making the cotton canvas highly waterproof and fights micro-organisms

Cotton Canvas Treatment

Our cotton canvas fabric treatment is a technical breathable finish which is the main attribute of using 100% cotton canvas fabric in the first place. Unlike many canvas camping tents manufacturers’ who claim to use 100% cotton canvas but instead their treatment is coated causing the cotton canvas fabric to lose its breathability which usually results in a buildup vapor inside the cotton canvas tents.

Whiteduck Outdoors
Whiteduck Outdoors

Our Cotton Canvas Brand - DYNA GUARD

Dyna Guard is the brand we have created for our cotton canvas fabric to manufacture our wide range of cotton canvas camping tents that include Canvas Bell Tents for Camping & Glamping, Canvas Wall Tents for Elk Hunting, Deer Hunting, Fishing & Outdoor Adventures, Canvas Family Explorer Tents for modern day camping & outdoor activities, Canvas Explorer Swag Bag for enthusiasts, wanderers, wildlife, nature & wilderness lovers, Cotton Canvas Camping Bags/Backpacks, Camp Fleece Blankets, Cotton Canvas Tarpaulins & Drop Cloths in cooperation with Technical Textiles leading mill in Pakistan that brings 5 generations of experience in manufacturing 100% Cotton Canvas and Allied canvas products. Dyna Guard is benchmarking the famous Sunforger treatment that customers are familiar with over the last many decades from the camping industry. Essentially our Cotton Army Duck Canvas has the same Sunforger Boat Shrunk Marine-Finish Treatment. This is a dry and weightless chemical concentrate that saturates between the core of the cotton canvas yarn fiber evenly for either Water & Mildew Resistance or Water, Mildew and Flame-Retardant finish as per requirement. The finish is highly durable and will last the test of times on your cotton canvas tents as you pass them from generation to another.

Technical Validation and Lab Testing of our Cotton Canvas Materials

We believe that “Truth is in the details”, hence, we have gone the extra mile to understand, evaluate and benchmark Dyna Guard 100% Cotton Canvas.

Every new order production of cotton canvas fabric or canvas camping tents that runs at the factory results in a random Selection of Cotton Canvas Fabric Testing through AQL Quality Assurance selection system for the following Tests:

  • Cotton Canvas Fabric Tensile Test (Mechanical Fabric Strength)
  • Cotton Canvas Fabric Tear Test (Mechanical Ripping Strength)
  • Hydro-Static Pressure Column Head Test (Water-Repellent Level)
  • Micro Organism Test (Mildew or Rot Testing)
  • CPAI 84 Section 6 & 5Test (Flame Retardant Testing)

The above cotton canvas fabric tests were set up to benchmark the highest technical parameters that are possible for Dyna Guard Cotton Canvas. Regular testing is done on our cotton canvas fabric to ensure that there is no substantial drop to benchmark minimum standards. You can get the latest Cotton Canvas Fabric Reports and compare them to any Cotton Canvas Tents manufacturer.

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