Explorer Bag - Assembly Instructions

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Packed tent in a box

tent bag

t pole with sliding brace

awning pole jintable 2 sections

sprong bar rod x 4

Assembly instructions


Open the swag on the ground.
Space required 54" x 124".


Insert the alloy pole in head pole sleeve
and close the velcroes brackets.


Ground the pin in front of head flop and
tighten the Guy Point flap.


Erect the tent by inserting all remaining pegs and
foot pole tighten the guy ropes.Gently tight through
the runners. Ensure the zipper are closed to avoid
too much tension on opening.


Wipe down all metal surfaces with fresh water after use. To remove marks, use a soft bursh or sponge with fresh water and mild detergent only and rise with fresh clean water. Allow to dry thoroughly. Never pack away damp, dirty or wet. After beach use or wet conditions treat all zips and metal components with silicon spray.