Wall Tent


A canvas hunting tent, also known as a wall, safari or outfitter tent is perfect for a family who wants a little more space and headroom than is provided with a pyramid-shaped tent. This type of shelter has four straight vertical walls and is made of heavy canvas. It is also called a hunting tent and can house several people at a time and is spacious enough to store plenty of supplies as well. Most people now opt for outfitter tents because they are suitable for all seasons and provide protection against wind and heavy rainfall.

These deluxe wall tents are ideal for families who are looking for a little more room in their canopy to store their valuables without worry or hassle. Our reliable wall tents are well liked because they’re lightweight yet sturdy and aren’t very challenging to set up. If you and your family or camping partners are looking for a large canopy, then these tents will serve you best. Don’t wait any longer. Place your order today.