Fleece Blanket

Camper Fleece – The Trusted Way to Stay Warm

The wilderness is unpredictable. You never know when a warm sunny day will transform into a cold and chilly night. However, you can’t always pack dozens of bulky blankets to keep you warm. Fleece blankets offer the most trusted backup. Soft and lightweight, these blankets do not add tones of weight to your backpack. And they are just as light on the pocket.

At White Duck, we offer a range of lightweight blankets made from the finest fleece. Despite their weight and softness, they are able to offer maximum protection against the cold. They can easily double up as a wrap in case you want to take a stroll on a windy evening.

If you are traveling with kids, these soft fleece blankets will keep them safe, warm, and cozy throughout the night. It is something every camper should pack no matter what time of the year you choose to travel.