About Us

An idea to Climb Spirit of Adventure !

In our search for a meaningful purpose, we found something that we are passionate about; the one thing that captures the spirit of wild and scenic wilderness perhaps more than anything else. Our enthusiasm and experience of being avid campers in the great outdoors was the reason that invigorated us to design tents for exotic outdoor expeditions. Tents that help others leave the chaos of life behind and travel out on their own with passion and sustainability. Our desire and love for the wilderness and adventure echoes throughout the company and its wide range of camping gear.

Think it, See it, Do it!

At White Duck, we are dedicated to making sure that our customers make the most out of their outdoor experience by providing them with the innovative and high quality camping essentials. So whether you’re camping up the coast, backpacking overseas, hunting in the great outdoors, enjoying a festival, teaching scouting skills to children or bushwalking in a national park, we have an extensive range for all different types of camping gear which is perfect for any affair. The more you like to camp, the more you'll appreciate the distinctive features and impeccable craftsmanship built into every tent.

For Explorers and Globetrotters

We are a group of curious travelers and mavericks who have combined our talents to make simple products that inspire others to see the world differently as this world is but a canvas to our imagination. We hope to create a source of inspiration that helps people connect with each other, through sharing their continuing camping experience and firsthand accounts of outdoor adventures. For families looking to enjoy camping, our products are the seamless retort to outdoor adventure from camping to climbing to water sports.

Our Materials

We have partnered with a Technical Textile Canvas Fabric manufacturer that brings over 140 years of knowledge in producing Canvas Fabric. We blend heritage materials with modern technology, as well as our past experience of being avid campers! Together we have developed a range of canvas products exclusively for White Duck Outdoors; DYNA GUARD TM is a propriety range of developed canvas fabric that provides superior durability and performance for the modern glamping & camping shelter needs built to be tested by time and elements. The tents create an interactive synergy between your living space and the environment.

Meet the Creators

The only way to build a sustainable brand was to team up with a partner who share the same attitude as us, regardless of their location. That is why we chose to manufacture our products from someone who share the same belief as ours i.e. they support us in our goal to be a sustainable and socially-responsible brand which can only be achieved by prioritizing values and causes like ethics, fair trade, environmental and humanitarian interests. Our suppliers are one of the oldest leader and pioneer in designing, manufacturing and setting up the most luxurious and comfortable tents in the Asian region.

Our Community Transformation

We are more than just a business; we are part of a global community. At White Duck, we strive to become an active and responsible member of the communities in which we operate and a responsible global citizen that contributes towards supporting our local communities by addressing basic needs like shelter and basic education through many outreach programs.

Our Future

As we reflect on what we've done, we know that there is always more to do! In the coming months, we'll broaden our understanding of our product and their impacts, explore sustainable materials and designs, and deepen our conversation with our supply chain partners. As we climb the mountain in front of us, we'll celebrate our success while eyeing the next peak in the distance.

Now that we have been introduced, let’s choose your tent